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Verify customer information using a wealth of data sources.

We use many data sources to verify the information your customers provide. We correlate data across credit bureaus, motor vehicle records, address histories, watchlists, and other records in order to provide a superior solution to single-source verification services.

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Authenticate your users with Knowledge-Based Authentication

We provide a series of questions to which only your customer knows the answer using information separate from someone’s identity. This provides a better, practical solution to photo ID verification because it is difficult to know correct answers to these questions unless you are actually the person.

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Comply with Know Your Customer and anti-money laundering regulations

As part of every verification, we instantly scan dozens of government watchlists and red flag lists to protect your business from wanted individuals. We can optionally proactively scan your entire user base every time the list changes and inform you if anything changes.

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Use signals from across our network to catch fraud and false identities.Limited Release

We detect mass fraud and use of false identities across our network. When lists of stolen identities hit the black market, we quickly learn of problematic identities and proactively notify you, limiting your exposure to fraudulent activity.

Prevent multiple account abuse with fuzzy identity matching.Limited Release

BlockScore verifications are intelligently matched with one another and associated with a global identifier. This allows you to prevent duplicate identities on your service, even if the same person enters variable information.

Client libraries and modern APIs that developers understand.

We provide client libraries for many programming languages from Ruby to C# so that you can implement our APIs in a snap. Our documentation is freely available, clear and concise. We have developers available to support you through chat as you integrate.

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Our customers love us.

BlockScore is amazing. Simple integration and great results. Great team behind the company as well. Seriously worth checking out if you don't want any hassles when it comes to verification of users, these guys do it all for you.
Michael Dunsworth, snapCard
We considered other solutions, but found BlockScore to be the only company with a solution that was comprehensive, fast to implement, and didn't require business hassles like NDAs, long-term contracts, fees, and minimums.
Avish Bhama, Vaurum Labs
Security is paramount at CoinSafe. BlockScore's service helps us provide an unparalleled level of security and peace of mind to our customers. It is refreshing to work with a service provider that focuses on creating a straightforward implementation.
Michael Flaxman, Coinsafe

Joe finds your website and wants to signup.

Let’s walk through a signup process to see how BlockScore protects your business.

When Joe signs up for your service, he enters some basic information about himself.

Joe looks like a good customer, but how do you know that the information is correct and that the person entering the information is actually Joe?

We help you find out if Joe is who he claims to be with minimal input on Joe’s part.

Your Identity

Your Address

Press Verify my identity to continue

Your form sends information to BlockScore to verify the information Joe entered.

We scan global watchlists, credit bureaus, motor vehicle departments as well as other data already on our network.

This lets us verify that you are legally allowed to do business with Joe and that his information is valid.

Verifying your identity
Your information has been verified

This is a question set, also known as Knowledge Based Authentication or out-of-wallet questions.

Using the information Joe provided, we create questions to which only Joe would know the answer. The answers make sure that Joe provided the information.

This information is sourced from credit header data and marketing division files.

Which one of the following addresses is associated with you?
What are the first 4 digits of your Social Security Number?
Which of the following individuals do you know?

You can confidently do business with Joe. In seconds, Joe proved his identity with no hassle.

BlockScore takes less than an afternoon to add to your system, allowing you to get back to your business.

It's completely free to try and we are available if you have any questions.

Thanks, Joe.
You have successfully verified your identity.