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Virtual currency regulation simplified

Compliance can be complicated, BlockScore is not. KYC identity verification and AML compliance for FinCEN regulated companies.

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BlockScore’s identity verification benefits

  • Automated compliance solution
  • Safeguard your business from fraud
  • Reduce customer friction
  • Simple scalable pricing

BlockScore provides the scalable solution that virtual currency companies, including bitcoin exchanges, need to comply and thrive in regulated markets. Our founders have been intimately involved in cryptocurrencies in the past and founded Stanford University’s first bitcoin research group.

As a tech-first company, we understand the priorities of virtual currency companies. That is why we offer the shortest time to go live, quickest API response times, and most simple integration on the market. Servicing everyone from the rapidly growing startups to the largest virtual currency exchanges in the world, let us show you why we are the industry leader.

Picking a compliance solution for your company can seem overwhelming. To help, we polled our customers to understand the most important aspects they considered when comparing providers. Everything from price to coverage needs is discussed on our blog. We wrote this post to help you decide what is most important for your company when considering identity verification service providers.

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