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Instant ID verification for on-demand platforms

We think identity verification should be as efficient as the on-demand economy. Welcome to real-time identity verification.

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BlockScore’s identity verification benefits

  • Reduce customer friction
  • 100% automated and scalable
  • Prevent user fraud and abuse
  • Free intuitive dashboard

As on-demand companies become a daily part of our lives, the reputation of these companies depends on their independent workforce. BlockScore allows you to quickly determine that the people representing your company are actually who they say they are, helping you place additional trust and assurance in your independent workforce.

From a platform owner’s perspective, user verification is equally as important. Preventing one user from being linked to multiple accounts is essential: if you do not verify your customers you open the door for promotional offer abuse. For example, the same user can continually open new accounts to redeem an offer that is reserved for new members.

No matter what kind of on-demand service you provide, BlockScore can provide you with instant identity verification. We offer the shortest time to go live, quickest API response times, and simplest integration on the market.

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