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Tailored knowledge-based authentication

Additional assurance that you are doing business with the right person.

ID verification
Which of the following ZIP codes are associated with you?
Which of the following people are associated with you?

Credit header-based questions

We use authoritative data sources to generate our questions. Most of this data originates from credit header files giving you assurance that the questions are relevant and personalized.

Variable question numbers and scoring

Tailor the number of questions you ask as well as required pass rates using our flexible APIs. You can even ask a different number of questions to different customers.

Dynamic time limits

Question sets have a built in mechanism allowing you to adjust the time limits for completing the given questions. This allows you to allot more or less time to individuals based on their risk profile.

Ask decoy questions

Our question sets include some randomly generated, but seemingly plausible questions and answers. These questions act as honey pots for potentially fraudulent customers.

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